The XIV International Symposium on Computers in Education (SIIE 2012 – http://siie12.uols.org) organized by La Salle Open University, La Salle Universities, ADIE and Turing Year / Year in computing, has taken place from 29 to 31 October in Andorra la Vella.

Francisco José García Peñalvo has been a member of the Steering Committee and Program Committee Chair. He has also been chair of the International Educational Projects session where TRAILER project has been presented.


Last October 5th Gustavo Alves, Arcelina Marques and Clara Viegas, from Instituto Politécnico do Porto (IPP) and GRIAL research group (USAL) have had a meeting in Salamanca in order to coordinate the workpackage 7, pilots, lead by IPP.

ISEP+GRIAL at Patio of the Minor Schools Statue of Fray Luis de León at the University of Salamanca



On June 12th José Janssen, Adriana Berlanga and Peter Sloep presented a paper about the TRAILER project at the ePortfolio & Identity Conference in London.

The paper will be published in the conference proceedings which will become available later 2012 at http://www.epforum.eu/proceedings.


[slideshare id=14675921&doc=epic2012-presentation-121010183928-phpapp02]

Download the presentation from the repository



Last 29th of June, Maria Arcelina Marques, researcher in TRAILER project, presented the project to the CIETI group (Centre of Innovation in Engineering and Industrial Technology), with about 20 people attending it, at IPP-ISEP.


[slideshare id=13698944&doc=presentationtraileratippisepbyarcelinajune292012-120719171659-phpapp02]

Download the presentation from the repository


Kasteel Terworm by Bert Kaufmann (Heerlen)

Kasteel Terworm by Bert Kaufmann BY-SA 3.0

Five management meetings are planned during the project life in order to coordinate the project task. The kick-off meeting was in Porto (Portugal) during the second month of the project. Five months later, the second presence meeting will take place in Heerlen (Netherlands) and is hosted by the Open Universiteit Nederland.

Partners participants will arrive to Heerlen on 22nd July and will depart on 25th July.


All public images related to the events of TRAILER are shared on a public Flickr group in which only the partners are accepted as group members. In order to disseminate the pictures, there are a new section in the project website which embed the TRAILER’s Flickr gallery (https://trailerproject.eu/dissemination/flickr-gallery/).

TRAILER’s Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/trailerproject/


Each partner of TRAILER project is responsible or collaborates on one or more work-packages so that is necessary have procedures and tools to coordinate and elaborate the work performed in each them, to justify costs, to elaborate reports, to evaluate the quality of the project and so on.

Using Google Drive, a web tool which provides real-time collaboration, allows any staff member works simultaneously on the same file from any computer with Internet access. Also, Google Drive saves revision history of each file during 30 days, allowing users to see the changes made to a document, distinguished by editor, using their specific color.

Staff members can create new documents using a Google TRAILER template and share it with other partners involved in the work-package.


Several public deliverables related to each work-package are developed during the project life. These public products and documents must be accesible for anyone interested in them. For this reason, all public deliverables are saved in a DSpace repository and are published in TRAILER website.

See the repository in the following link:



LinkedIn is one of the most used social networks geared towards companies and professionals looking to make new business contacts or keep in touch with previous co-workers, affiliates, and clients. The informal learning experiences and the recognition of the informal competences can be useful to the users of this social network. For this reason, we have created a open group in LinkedIn. This group aims to involve people of any country and any context in discussions about questions relative to the TRAILER project. Furthermore, this group contributes to the dissemination of the results achieved during the project.