There are two main actions related to the exploitation of the TRAILER project, an international conference, Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM), and an interest group, TRAILS association (Talking and Reflecting About Informal Learning Spaces).

TEEM’13 was the international conference organized as final event of the project. The website http://teemconference.eu/2013 offers all the information about TEEM’13 and http://teemconference.eu information about TEEM’14.

TRAILS has been constituted at the end of the project as an interest group open to stakeholders interested in formal and informal learning research and development. The mission of the association will be to promote conversations and reflections about informal learning. The existence of TRAILS will provide for the future sustainability and cross-fertilization of the work started with TRAILER. All the information about the association is available on https://agora.grial.eu/trails.