University of Salamanca – GRIAL


Researcher and Coordinator. Francisco José García Peñalvo

Manager. Valentina Zangrando

Researcher. Miguel Ángel Conde González

Researcher. Alicia García Holgado

Researcher. Antonio Miguel Seoane Pardo


As Project Coordinator a key role of University of Salamanca-GRIAL is project management, leading WP1; They also lead WP5. Definition of the Institutional Environment and competence information tools, WP6 – Testing and Integration and WP7. Quality Management – Monitoring and Evaluation. Also they will participate in all the other WPs providing experience in Informal Activities Integration, Personal Learning Networks, mLearning and Methodologies applications.

Work packages which are responsible

Contact details

Research Group in InterAction and eLearning
Instituto Universitario de Ciencias de la Educación (IUCE)
Paseo de Canalejas, 169
37008 Salamanca (Spain)

(+34) 923294500 (ext. 3433)