Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


Researcher and Coordinator. Marc Alier Forment

Researcher. Saul Cheung

Researcher. Jordi López Forment


This partner will participate in all the WPs of the project and also will lead WP2 – Definition and application of methodologies and recommendations for informal learning integration. They will also lead the WP3 – Definition of a Communication Layer between informal, non-formal and formal contexts. Also its participation in WP3,4 must be emphasised because they will be in charge of the development of mobile clients for the informal environment and the portfolio component because of their extensive experience in this kind of development. In WP6 they will help testing the existing development and in WP7 they will perform the two pilots. In the rest of the WPs they will participate like other partners and also will provide their experience and contact networks.

Work packages which are responsible

Contact details

C. Jordi Girona, 31
08034 Barcelona (Spain)