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Researcher and Coordinator José Janssen

Researcher Francis Brouns

Researcher Peter Sloep


This partner will participate in all the WPs of the project and also will lead WP4 – Definition of a portfolio model. In this package they will be responsible for the implementation of a portfolio model that supports other portfolio technologies, the definition of the association between competences and informal and non-formal activities and the definition of systems for exchange and publishing of portfolio information. Also its participation in WP3 and WP5 must be emphasised because it will actively participate in the definition of the communication interfaces of the portfolio with the Informal Learning Collector and the definition of the competence catalogue and its interfaces. In WP2 they will collaborate with their experience from the TENCompetence project. In WP6 they will help testing the existing development and in WP7 they will perform the two pilots. In the rest of the WPs they will participate like other partners and also will provide their experience and contact networks.

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