Instituto Politécnico do Porto


Researcher and Coordinator. Gustavo Alves

Researcher. Maria Cristina Costa

Researcher. Maria Arcelina Marques

Researcher. Maria Clara Viegas

Researcher. Marta Staporek


This partner will participate in all the WPs of the and also will lead WP7 – Pilots and WP8 Dissemination. In the WP7 they are responsible for coordinating the performance of two pilots for partner and in WP8 of the dissemination activities. Also its participation in WP2 and WP3 must be emphasised because they provide a kind of tools to be considered by the ILC in WP3 and will help in the development of interfaces between the different elements. In the rest of the WPs they will participate like other partners providing their experience contact networks.

Work packages which are responsible

Contact details

Rua Dr. Roberto Frias
4200 – 465 Porto (Portugal)

+351 22 557 1000