Dom Szkolen i Doradztwa Mykowska Aleksandra


Researcher and Coordinator. Aleksandra Mykowska

Researcher. Jolanta Duraj

Researcher. Tomasz Hrynkiewicz

Researcher. Andrzej Kolodyski

Researcher. Marta Staporek

Researcher. Karol Wolski


This partner will participate in all the WPs of the project and also will lead WP9 – Exploitation and Valorisation. In this package they are responsible for coordinating the different exploitation actions and liaising with WP7 to ensure integration of the pilots developed and integration with WP8 dissemination actions. Also their participation in WP2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 must be emphasised because they provide an institutional perspective in all these WPs and they will develop pilots in WP7. In WP6 they will help to test the existing development and in WP7 they will perform the two pilots. During these WPs they also provide their experience and contact networks.

Work packages which are responsible

Contact details

Siedziba w Krakowie
ul. Jana Tarnowskiego 6/ 1-2
30-528 Kraków (Poland)

+48 (012) 656 57 12